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Location: Baltar, Paredes, Portugal

Job ID: 17001370

Manitowoc is seeking his Supervisor to be based in his plant in Portugal.In this role, you manage your production workshop under backlog in respect of safety, quality of product, cost and production time

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Responsible for the manufacturing of your workshop based on the backlog and productivity targets.
  • You ensure the proper allocation of resources and adaptation of the organization.
  • You ensure proper control of process (procedure and control lines)
  • You ensure the adequacy of your employees and their work station, the development of their knowledge. Driving individual interviews.         
  • You maintain good social relationships within your team. You ensure the communication on the results quality, safety, efficiency, on site projects, organizational changes, workcouncil reports
  • You are involved in production tool's improvement, the production launch of new products and implement the continuous improvement of your workshop.
  • You manage the storage space of your workshop and ensure it is cleaned up.
  • You follow up the implementation of the Safety Management System (Self inspection, accident analysis ...) of your unit
  • You ensure training and information of your teams to safety rules.


  •  Technician with 4-5 years experience in production management.
  • Good knowledge of manufacturing processes and production capacity
  • Mastery of tools and methods for continuous improvement. Ability to manage meetings with his staff, technical communication between individuals, conducting individual interviews.
  •  Organizational skills, initiative, responsiveness, ability to manage information from many different sources.
  • Autonomy, decision-making capacity.
  • Interpersonal skills, natural authority, team spirit and collective. Persuasiveness.

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